IC Support

Interstitial Cystitis Support Group

Interstitial cystitis can be difficult to manage and frequently makes women feel isolated. Grand Rapids Women’s Health is committed to helping women manage this chronic condition.

We host a quarterly support group where you can meet and speak with women suffering from IC and professionals who can help.  We discuss treatments, share IC-friendly recipes, and help each other get through IC setbacks. Please call (616) 588-1800 for more information. 

2017 Schedule

January 26 · 6pm
April 27 · 6pm
July 27 · 6pm
October 26 · 6pm

Interstitial Cystitis Resources

Our office offers comprehensive resources, including consultations with our registered dietitian to help you manage your life with IC. These are a few of the resources available; please ask your physician for additional recommendations. 

IC Chef Online Cookbook

The IC Network has a wealth of information for people living with IC. Taking some time to go through the information offered on these links will help you better understand IC and how it affects each person differently.