Gynecological Ultrasound

Gynecological Ultrasound

Gynecological ultrasound is a noninvasive diagnostic exam that produces images that are used to assess organs and structures within the female pelvis, including the uterus, cervix, vagina, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. 

Some of the most common types of gynecological ultrasounds we perform include:


A technique in which fluid is injected through the cervix into the uterus, and ultrasound is used to produce images of the uterine cavity. The fluid allows more detail to be visualized of the inside of the uterus than when ultrasound is used alone. Sonohysterography can find the underlying cause of many problems, including abnormal uterine bleeding, abnormal growths inside the uterus such as fibroids or polyps, infertility, and repeated miscarriage.


A vital component of in-vitro fertilization assessment and timing, it employs a simple technique for assessing ovarian follicles at regular intervals and documenting the pathway to ovulation. 

What to Expect During a Gynecological Ultrasound

When your provider orders an ultrasound, you will receive a detailed handout that includes preparation information (for example, arriving with a full bladder),  as well as answers to some commonly asked questions, such as:

How will my ultrasound be performed?
Depending on the specific reason your ultrasound is ordered, gynecological ultrasounds are performed transabdominally and/or transvaginally. Transabdominal ultrasounds are performed with a small transducer that is moved back and forth across the lower belly. Transvaginal ultrasounds are performed with a transducer that is shaped specifically to fit into the vagina. In some cases, both transabdominal and transvaginal scans will be performed to ensure that we capture the highest quality images possible.

If I start my period, should I reschedule my ultrasound?
If you will be menstruating the day your ultrasound is scheduled, please call our office at your earliest opportunity so that we may determine whether or not you need to reschedule.

May I bring my family?
Often times, gynecological ultrasounds are perfromed transvaginally. Due to the intimate nature of this type of exam, children are not allowed in the exam room. If you like, you may bring one adult guest into the exam room with you.

When will I receive my results?
As with any test that is performed, your physician will discuss the results with you at your next appointment, or sooner if necessary. The sonographer does not interpret or report results.