About Us

Providing comprehensive evaluation, knowledge, and treatment to our patients is our passion. As the largest independent OB/GYN practice in West Michigan, we offer a dynamic combination of physician expertise, advanced technology, and a skilled, compassionate staff. Our comprehensive array of services ensures that you will receive the medical knowledge and support you need for all of the important stages of your life.

Our commitment goes far beyond the medical services we provide. Both providers and staff will take every opportunity to provide an exceptional experience that exceeds each patient’s expectations at every opportunity from check-in to check-out.

Our mission is to treat each individual with compassion, setting the standard for service and medical excellence while caring for women of all ages. 



In regards to COVID-19

While COVID cases are rising, it is necessary that we restrict the number of people in our office to patients only and at this time, NO visitors will be allowed. All adult patients are asked to come alone unless you require physical or cognitive assistance. We encourage patients to videochat with loved ones during OB appointments so that they are able to be a part of the experience.
A mask is required for all appointments and a brief screening will be done when you exit the elevator.

  1. We are recommending that patients follow the same practices that they would use for the Influenza Virus.
    1. If sick, stay home from work or school
    2. If possible, attempt to isolate yourself from other family members
    3. Wash hands frequently
    4. Do not touch your face.

Here is a link to the CDC FAQ for Pregnancy and breastfeeding and COVID-19 that may help with questions.