Dietitian Services

A registered dietitian evaluates and educates by helping to sort through misinformation, identifying foods that improve or worsen specific conditions, providing education on reading food labels, as well as healthy, inexpensive cooking.

Elizabeth Braun, MS, RD, is our registered dietitian. She provides medically necessary in-office consultations for patients who need acute dietary management or who have special dietary requirements. She also offers services to those who want to change or improve their diet to better meet their nutritional goals and improve overall quality of life. Your healthcare provider will determine if meeting with Elizabeth is right for you.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Could Benefit From a Registered Dietitian Visit:

1) Diabetes, pre-diabetes, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, obesity

2) Pregnant or trying to get pregnant
     Gestational diabetes, infertility, multiple births, iron deficiency, hypremesis, anemia, gestational diabetes

3) Breastfeeding Moms
     Addresses specific nutritional needs to make sure mom is getting enough iron, vitamin D, flouride, and B vitamins; helping to make the best choices for both mom and baby

4) Weight loss or gain

5) Digestive and/or urinary problems
     Gluten intolerance, Celiac Disease, IBS, GERD, Intersitital Cystitis, constipation

6) Food allergies and sensitivities

7) Aging and other life changes
     Food  and drug interactions, proper hydration, menopause, cancer, changes to taste buds as aging occurs

8) Evaluating nutritional supplements and diets

9) History of eating disorders

10) Teenagers that have issues with healthy food and eating habits

Talk with your healthcare provider to see if a consultation with a registered dietitian is right for you. To reach our Scheduling Team, call (616) 588-1200, and select option 2.