Clinical Research

What Is Clinical Research?

Grand Rapids Women’s Health is dedicated to offering the best possible treatment option for each patient. In addition to standard treatments, we are passionate about seeking and identifying the most effective and efficient treatments and services for women’s health issues. Our Research Department offers both our patients and other women in the community an opportunity to participate in unique, cutting-edge clinical studies that can directly benefit the lives of women all over the world. 

What is a clinical trial?

A clinical trial is a research program conducted to evaluate a new medical treatment, medication, or device. The purpose of clinical trials is to find new and improved methods of treating different diseases and conditions.

Are clinical trials safe?

Clinical trials are conducted in a healthcare setting and are monitored by a trained healthcare professional. An Institutional Review Board (IRB) approves all clinical trials. This is a committee made up of doctors, ethicists, members of the general public, and administrators. They are held responsible for agreeing that a trial does not represent an unreasonable risk to patients who are participating. Trials are also reviewed by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Anyone entering a clinical trial in the United States is required to sign a form indicating that they understand what will happen to them during the study. This form will give detailed information about what treatment will be given, problems that may occur, and what other treatments may work for your condition.

Why should I participate in a clinical trial?

There are many reasons people take part in research studies. A single person can impact the lives of many others that are affected by the same condition, both in short-term discoveries and long-term solutions. In addition, people may choose to participate because they have not responded or benefited from standard medical therapies that are currently available. Many patients also derive satisfaction knowing they are part of an effort to potentially reduce the suffering of other people.

What are the benefits of participating in a clinical trial?

Clinical trials allow participants a unique opportunity to play a role in their own health care. They are also given access to new research treatments before they become widely available. While participating in a study, participants will receive expert medical care at our facility throughout the trial.

What are the risks of participating in a clinical trial?

Part of research studies is discovering side effects to new treatments; some therapies may not be effective at all. In addition, the study may require participants to devote more time and attention to their treatment, including trips to our office, additional treatments, keeping detailed logs of progress, hospital stays, and complex medication requirements.

How will I know if I am eligible for a clinical trial?

Each trial has certain requirements for participation. Your doctor will review your medical history and may request additional testing to determine if you are eligible according to the criteria for the study.  Please click here for a list of our current research studies.

 All of our research studies are also listed on

For more information, please contact our research team at:
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